Frequently Asked Questions

Where are childbirth classes taught?


Private classes are taught in the comfort of my client's home. I come to you! 


Group classes are taught in my home. I am located in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of D.C.  and very convenient for those in the Metro Area!

What childbirth philosophy do you teach?


I have been fully trained through Childbirth International to accommodate different needs and learning styles from an evidence based approach. The classes are comprehensive and offer interactive and thorough instruction aiming to meet the unique needs of each couple.

What educational information is included in your classes?


We cover the physiological process of birth, the history of birth, the fear-tension-pain cycle and we explore many comfort measures. We practice movement, breathing, visualization, and relaxation. We look into why different tools may work in natural childbirth methods and explore the foundation of and core concepts in the different methods.


We explore feelings and emotions of both partners and how these factor into the birth process. We discuss special circumstances and understanding routine interventions, setting goals, making decisions before and during the process, and how to reduce risk. We learn about optimal fetal positioning and exercises that prepare the body for optimal positioning and for a more comfortable birth.


We talk about managing early labor, how to respond to and interpret different patterns of early labor, how to identify and ways to resolve positioning challenges, maintaining energy and focus to help reduce exhaustion. We cover active labor and the second stage of labor, with specific coping skills for each one, including exploring how the mind, body, partners and different labor tools may help with progress and comfort. We learn about breastfeeding, postpartum health and infant care. We also explore videos and activities throughout the classes to reinforce learning.

When and how is payment made?


Payment is typically made on the first day of class or before. Payment methods include check, cash, or PayPal.

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