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Role Play Labor Scenarios

There are two columns below with selections for an interactive activity. The mom chooses what is happening and the partner selects what they can do. Feel free to improvise off the list and create an open discussion about what feels right for your individual needs and preferences. This back and forth is a great exploratory method for discovering solutions and possibilities for your birth experience and "experiencing" the labor process mentally and verbally together, so that once labor begins these techniques and strategies will already feel  familiar and come to you more easily in the moments that you need them.  Through this activity we can problem solve and discuss scenarios beforehand, so that we are better prepared in labor. 


What is Happening?

Questions to Ask


What Can You Do?

Where are we in labor?

What stage?

What can you do to help in this stage of labor?

Can this happen anytime in labor or is it specific to one stage of labor?

Could there be more than one right answer?

Does this need a response or is it normal and what can you do to support it?

How do you feel about what is happening?




All three?