Meet Chava

I am a doula and childbirth educator. I have given birth seven times. The experiences were transformative, empowering, enriching and inexplicably meaningful. I am enthusiastic about working with families during their own journey into parenthood. Every mom deserves to feel safe and nurtured during labor while feeling empowered and strong.



When parents feel informed during the birth process, they feel more in control. Prepared parents often have increased satisfaction with their birth experience.


It's worth the investment.


Childbirth Classes


Parents take Childbirth Classes for many reasons. Some parents may want to know more about the birth process and desire to explore their options and choices while giving birth. Some may want to learn breathing and comfort skills. Some parents have questions about breastfeeding or how to take care of a newborn baby. Others may simply want to have fun and create relationships. Most parents want all of these.


These topics and more are covered in my childbirth class series. 


We learn about early, active and practice labor and evaluate goals and preferences for each stage. We work on communication skills and forming a birth plan. We discuss ways to maximize comfort and breastfeed successfully. We also prepare for the postpartum phase and emphasize methods to enhance wellness.

Each birth experience and each baby will have their own unique miraculous journey and I work hard to meet the needs of each individual family.

My husband and I were searching for a birth instructor who would be both patient and supportive and provide knowledge and tools in preparation for a natural birth. Chava has given us 100 times that!


She has been more than amazing throughout the birthing classes which is why we chose her as our Doula as well.


Chava’s secret to success is not only her wisdom but her unique approach. Chava was just there for us in a charming and non-judgmental way, which made me and my husband feel as comfortable as can be in sharing this intimate experience.


She answered all our questions thoroughly even if we repeated ourselves; she did not hesitate to provide us with more time beyond the scope of the designated classes as well as lend us equipment and books free of charge. Most importantly, she just gave us the feeling that her whole heart is in it. We could finish a long class and still get emails late at night from Chava with helpful tips and reading materials. We couldn’t believe how much effort she put into us and we really appreciated it.


I am certain that I couldn’t have been better prepared for the birthing experience and could not have done it naturally without her support before and throughout the delivery. She gave me confidence in my ability to get through delivery in a natural way and she was an amazing coach during labor itself. With a hands on approach she provided warm and nurturing support and the best comfort measures (massage, warm and cold washcloths, scented oil, squeeze, Rebozo techniques etc). She made me feel safe.


I warmly recommend Chava’s services to any woman who is looking for a positive and empowering experience. She is a great coach and you would be lucky to have her!


- Childbirth Class and Doula Client